Saturday, November 2, 2019

Deforestation Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Deforestation - Article Example The limitation of deforestation outweighs its benefits and, therefore, the activity should be stopped at all cost. There are various effects of deforestation that can be witnessed in the world today. Cutting down of trees interferes with the water cycle, causes loss of forest species, results in soil erosion and decreasing the quality of life (Lewellen, 643). Trees tend to hold the soil together and therefore without them, and soil is often carried away by rivers and other water bodies. Accumulation of this land in water bodies causes siltation and reduces their qualities. Less forest cover results to flooding and landslide issues that are all connected to soil erosion. Trees often produce water vapor after absorbing rainwater.  The water vapor is later released to the atmosphere that then forms into clouds that result in rainfall. Additionally, over 70% of animals and plants live in forests. The trend is however changing as a result of continuous destruction of forest land by peop le all over the world. Loss of habitat can lead to extinction of various animal species. Given the many advantages associated that are associated with forests, countries all over the world should come up with strategies that will prevent continuous destruction of tree cover by setting up policies aimed at protecting forest land. Countries that have less forest cover should come up with initiatives that will help restore new tree cover in various parts of the country. Countries around the world should be able to come up with various strategies.

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