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The Effect of Technology on HR Dynamics - 1515 Words

The Effect of Technology on HR Dynamics The role of the human resources professional is ever evolving and it’s now trying to reach new heights by the use of smart technologies. Initially human resource management (HRM) has had a people-oriented approach but currently there has been a radical shift, with the competitive demands of the marketplace there is a requirement for reorientation of strategic human resource philosophies and practices, emphasis are being given to a knowledge-based administration using technology as a tool. Noe et al. (2007) claimed that e-businesses create many challenges for HRM departments because of the fast pace of changes on information technology. HRMs are required to continually update their skills†¦show more content†¦It allows the employer to deal with job applications and to manage the data collected from resumes. LinkedIn and other social networking sites are advantageous for employers who use them for both networking and recruiting. Its especially useful for getting information on potential employees or to get the right candidates for hard-to-fill positions. Technology can be used in a big way when it comes to hiring and video interviewing for job applicants. It can be very advantageous to companies like walmart where there is on an average, 2000 hires per day. Due to globalization and technology, world is a small place to be in. People apply for jobs from across the globe and video conferencing and telephonic interviews make the recruitment process easier and sho w some remarkable savings in time, cost and even carbon footprint.Technolgy can be used for pre-employment assessments so that the company is sure that the right people are being recruited. Technology may also be used for electronic surveillance of employees at work. Studies proved that employees spend between one and three hours a day surfing the Web on personal business at work. Since most studies depend on employee self-reported data, this productivity loss, combined with the concerns employers have for where their employees are surfing the Web at work, causes more employers to monitor employee use of theShow MoreRelatedGeneral Dynamics Information Technology ( Gdit )1580 Words   |  7 PagesGeneral Dynamics, a Fortune 100 company has been serving the U.S. government for more than 50 years. As information technology (IT) has transformed the way the U.S. military fights and wins wars and so too has General Dynamics by becoming one of top five market leaders in U.S. to provide m ission critical information systems and technologies. (General Dynamics History) General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) has become the largest and fastest growing segment in General Dynamics. GDIT providesRead MoreThe Hr Policies And Employees763 Words   |  4 Pagesheights of productivity within the limited time period. Thus through motivation, the HR professional could improve the efficiency and the effectiveness with which the employees work. Alongside the HR policy should in particular focus on employees‟ innovation through managing motivating and rewarding the employees at the right time to enhance the competitive advantage (Gupta and Singhal 1993). 3.4 Everyday staff Management HR support is critical to provide advice, guidance and support for employees and SMERead MoreResearch Report On The Working Time Pattern1027 Words   |  5 Pageswas on result as compared to the time they spent working. Result oriented environment should be part of the HR mangers task. Such programs should be established to motivate employees rooting the work culture into the organizations however how difficult it may be in changing schedules. Stakeholder’sinterests are purely based in performance of any organizations. It is the core task of the HR manager to create platforms aimed at realizing the result for stakeholders to make investment decisions on assuranceRead MoreWhat Additional Competencies And Skills Required From An Hr Professional Managing A Company s Diversity Portfolio?1260 Words   |  6 PagesWhat additional competencies and skills are required from an HR professional managing a company’s diversity portfolio? Today’s workforce may comprise of people from different age groups representing different generations, faith, gender and sexual orientation. They may have different ethnicity, culture, native language and they may come from any part of the world. Basing on these reality HR professionals have to make sure that they can effectively attract, retain, develop and utilize this complexRead MoreHow Globalization Effects Hrm Essay1733 Words   |  7 PagesHow Globalization effects HRM The term Globalization has invaded the mind of every successful businessman and the concept of Global Village is a common issue in the modern business world. What really the globalization is? The answer seems simple if a firm or an organization expands its sales or production beyond the national boundaries, then it is globalization, but it does not cover the real meaning of the term. Globalization actually means more, much more than that; it is realizing that thereRead MoreHigh Technology Startups Essay1145 Words   |  5 PagesTech startups operate and behave that they can go out of business (Joyner Payne, 2002). The effects of regulations can range from the ease of doing business to the protection of trade secrets. For example, due to the expected decrease in workers numbers and number of business startups, the U.S. is looking to reform its immigration regulations to attract more highly-skilled employees in science and technology in hopes to compete with Singapore (PR Web Newswire, 2012). Therefore, given that the U.S governmentRead MoreTrends And Implications Of Human Resource Management889 Words   |  4 Pagesmeet these important challenges. The traditional roles of human resources (HR) departments in organizations has been to recruit, select, place, and promote employees into different jobs. HR have also been involved in overseeing salary and bonuses, performing administrative functions, and disciplining and terminating employees. However, with globalization, and information technology impinging upon today s organizations, HR departments in the United States and around the world will take on the roleRead MoreNew Trends Within Workforce Management1498 Words   |  6 Pageswithin workforce management include new technology advancements and integrating customer demands, changes in regulatory requirements, maintaining diversified staffing needs all while attaining an cultural environment where employees can thrive and be engaged. Technology Advancement Technology has not only helped companies have a competitive edge but has enabled them to be more successful within their organization to be fit for the ever changing dynamic needs of the workforce. One example isRead MoreEvolution Of Human Resource Management Essay974 Words   |  4 PagesEvolution of Human Resource Management Administrative Functions The objective of the Human Resource Department is to design management systems to ensure human talent is maximized to effectively and efficiently achieve organizational goals. HR has seven functions that are intertwined. These functions are global, environmental, cultural geographic, political, social, legal, economic, and technological. Human resource management has the potential to drastically impact the success and effectivenessRead MoreThe Management Theories Of The Lancaster Advertising Company1542 Words   |  7 Pagesof flexible work arrangements using virtual communication from home. With the innovation technology ever evolving, virtual communication is a growing trend in the contemporary workplace, nonetheless, the prominent method has large amount of barriers that has a significant effect on the managerial structuring of Lancaster advertising company. Discussion Virtual Team Dynamic The implementation of technology in communicating within teams in the contemporary workplace is an emerging phenomenon in the

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